The world outside your home is itching to come back to life now that spring is just around the corner.

Here in Illinois, we will start to notice of the flowers beginning to bloom and leaves are beginning to grow. It’s pretty, but with the nice comes the storm of hungry insects out of hibernation.

Some of these hungry critters are cockroaches, ants and box elder bugs. And the worst part is they might end up in your home while on their search
for food.

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Roaches are nocturnal and will tend to hide out in damp places, like your bathroom or kitchen. Take action the first time you see an ant sunbathing on your window seal; chances are there are thousands more on your property. Swift removal is key when

Swift removal is key when your dealing with ants. Sometimes the best course is to obtain some help from a knowledgeable pest control company, and we know just the place: GREEN T!

A lesser known but equally invasive insect, are box elder bugs. The don’t spread disease like roaches or cause structural damage like ants. But nonetheless, they are still quite a nuisance to have hanging around your yard and house.

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According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, they tend to spend most time in your yard, feeding on box elder trees, which can lead to unhealthy and damaged trees.

One of our professional technicians may be able to eradicate a spring pest infestation and provide you with tips on how to effectively seal up the cracks on the outside of your home to reduce the possibility of future insects invasions.