How To Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

  In this post, we talk about controlling Japanese Beetles in your garden. We discuss identification, life cycle, damages they cause and what to do about it. Japanese Beetles are a common nuisance insect in the Chicagoland area and across the United States. These invasive pests from Japan arrived in the North America in the [...]

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Illinois Gypsy Moth Quarantine

In this post, we talk about the Illinois Gypsy Moth quarantine, the counties affected by it, and the signs and symptoms of a gypsy moth infestation. Illinois Gypsy Moth Quarantine Four more counties have been placed under quarantine by the Illinois Department of Agriculture to control the spread of the Gypsy Moth, an insect that [...]

Green T Pest Alert: Gypsy Moths!

        Gypsy moth numbers are on the rise. The increase in numbers have the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) changing it's strategies from last summer. The new increased efforts by IDOA included a Gypsy Moth Quarantine. IDOA's goal with the quarantine is to reduce the populations and slow the spread of the [...]


Green T Pest Alert: Termites!

This post is for informational purposes. Green T does not treat for termites. Termites are a highly specialized pest control solution which we are unable to offer our customers at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. This is the time of year when termites make their presence well known. In the springtime, termite colonies [...]

Benefits of a Professional Tree Service

We don't have to tell how important your trees are to everything, from the condition of your landscaping to general curb appeal to your property, making it important to keep your trees and shrubs healthy. This is where a year-round tree and shrub program can be of a great benefit to your home. Hiring a [...]

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Spring Pests Alert!

The world outside your home is itching to come back to life now that spring is just around the corner. Here in Illinois, we will start to notice of the flowers beginning to bloom and leaves are beginning to grow. It's pretty, but with the nice comes the storm of hungry insects out of hibernation. [...]

Who else is eating your cereal?

You may not think much about it until you pour the last little bit of cereal into your bowl and a not so friendly visitor appears. There are a number of small critters that fall into the category of pantry pests. Pantry pests include: ants, beetles, earwigs, pill bugs,  the indianmeal moth, and merchant grain [...]

Year Round Pest Control

Green T Pest Control provides year-round comprehensive protection from all pests. We will come out for an emergency, one-time visit or we can help protect your home or business with our year round scheduled program. Our year round pest control applications will work to eliminate existing pests and prevent any new pests from gaining access [...]


How to Keep the Warmth In and the Pests Out

One noticeable change in the outdoors as winter approaches is the absence of flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and bees. We associate these pests with summer and fall, a nuisance to outdoor activities, and are thankful that the colder weather brings relief from their stings and bites. But a lack of flying pests does [...]

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