Green T Pest Alert: Gypsy Moths!

        Gypsy moth numbers are on the rise. The increase in numbers have the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) changing it's strategies from last summer. The new increased efforts by IDOA included a Gypsy Moth Quarantine. IDOA's goal with the quarantine is to reduce the populations and slow the spread of the [...]


Green T Pest Alert: Termites!

This post is for informational purposes. Green T does not treat for termites. Termites are a highly specialized pest control solution which we are unable to offer our customers at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. This is the time of year when termites make their presence well known. In the springtime, termite colonies [...]

Who else is eating your cereal?

You may not think much about it until you pour the last little bit of cereal into your bowl and a not so friendly visitor appears. There are a number of small critters that fall into the category of pantry pests. Pantry pests include: ants, beetles, earwigs, pill bugs,  the indianmeal moth, and merchant grain [...]

Year Round Pest Control

Green T Pest Control provides year-round comprehensive protection from all pests. We will come out for an emergency, one-time visit or we can help protect your home or business with our year round scheduled program. Our year round pest control applications will work to eliminate existing pests and prevent any new pests from gaining access [...]


5 Things to Know About Pest Control

Finding pests such as insects or rodents within your home is quite unsettling and if an infestation is severe, it must be handled by a professional pest control technician.  Many homeowners call for professional help when they discover an infestation but there are many misconceptions about what pest control entails and what homeowners should expect [...]


Home Remedies for Common Spring Pests

The weather is starting to improve in the Chicago area and as the temperature continues to increase, so does the insect population.  Certain pests such as roaches, stink bugs, ants, and bees reemerge during the spring and they can make their way into your home.  If an insect infestation gets out of hand, it is [...]


Preventing Pests in Your Home this Spring

The spring season has finally descended on the Chicago area with outdoor life starting to stir once again.  However, this also means that common household pests are coming out of their overwintering sites to look for food and water which may lead them inside your home.  It is recommended that as the weather gets warmer, [...]


Checking your Home for Termites this Spring

Termites are a potential threat to homes all across America and they cause much of their damage in silence because signs of their presence are not always visible.  As the spring season nears, it is important for homeowners to be able to identify termite infestations and their warning signs to take action before they cause [...]


Keeping Holiday Pests Out of Your Food

The holiday season has arrived and families will be spending more time in their kitchens preparing food for family gatherings and celebrations.  This is also the season to watch out for certain pests that may be lurking in your cupboards.  The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is reminding homeowners that ants, earwigs, and mice are [...]


Asthma and Allergies Could be Triggered by Pests

The cold winter weather will soon be settling in the Chicago area, causing people to be spending more time within their homes.  People who have asthma or allergies suffer the most from the symptoms this time of year and higher exposure to indoor allergens will only make the symptoms worse.  While certain allergens such as [...]